• Mas Martinet
    Mas Martinet

    Mas Martinet is the mother of all the family projects. Founded in 1986, along with other adventurers who started in Priorat the idea of the "Clos", it has been the cornerstone in which the whole Pérez family has been involved. Parents, grandparents, sons and daughters, cousins, uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces… everyone contributed to the settling and the growing process, the work in the vineyard, in the winery, the bottling and the labelling, the trips to sell the first vintages, and all the other work necessary to start the project. Managed by Sara Pérez since 2001, all their wines are organic since the 2006 vintage.

  • Venus la Universal
    Venus la Universal

    To talk about Venus la Universal is to talk about a more personal project of Sara Pérez and René Barbier (4th generation), who joined this project in 2004. Started in 1999, it is the only project of the family in this so exclusive territory of the DO Montsant. One of the pillars of Venus is its vineyard, located in a unique spot and surrounded by the vegetable garden and the animals which are part of the homemade agroecology and the ecoconstruction of the house, the winery, the visiting room, and the chicken coop. But the other pillar on which Venus supports are the local vine growers who are part of the “Venus family”.

  • Cims de Porrera
    Cims de Porrera

    Cims de Porrera was born in 1996 out of the concern for the abandonment of the centenarian and native vines in Porrera (Carinena and Grenache), which grow in soils of slate at an altitude between 350 and 600 metres in steep descents of 40%-50% and have an average production of 300-500 g of grapes per vine. The tough work conditions, combined with the low rate of return for winegrowers, forced landowners to abandon their vineyards. The initiative aimed at recuperating these vines and making high quality wines was undertaken together with the members of the local cooperative, who Cims de Porrera buys the grapes from. The result of the hard work of the Pérez family and the winegrowers that have been working this land for generations is Cims de Porrera “CLÀSSIC”: a path of recognition and
    appreciation for what we understand as “Priorat’s pure expression”.

  • Les Cousins
    Les Cousins

    LES COUSINS MARC & ADRIÀ is a project located in the village of Porrera and set up by two cousins the
    same age that have always shared experiences, friends and work. It is a way to understand life through
    their wines. It is a search for different feelings that they intend to trap in every bottle. A wine, a moment.

  • Sara & René
    Sara & René
  • La Vinya del Vuit
    La Vinya del Vuit

    This project was created in 2001 when 8 friends: Sara Pérez, René Barbier (IV), Nuria Pérez, Ester Nin, Montse Mateos, Iban Foix, Julian Basté and Philippe Thévenon bought an old Carinyena vineyard with some Garnatxa vines, and they recovered it.

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  • Vinyes del Tiet Pere
    Vinyes del Tiet Pere

    Behind this project is the philosopher Oriol Pérez de Tudela and his partner Mercè Salvat, along with René Barbier Meyer and Sara Pérez Ovejero from Venus la Universal, Mas Martinet Viticultors, Clos Mogador... The vineyard is owned by the mayor of Vilabella, the viticulturist Joan Maria Sanahuja. Proponents of this new wine say that "the vineyards that withstood anonymity and the passing of the decades are a gem to experiment with today." In fact, they claim that they have set their sights on the Red Cartoixà as "an opportunity to investigate and to discover elements of regional typicality".

  • Sindicat de la Figuera
    Sindicat de la Figuera

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